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See the advantages of living in style on a modern Thai housing development.

Our services are concerned with providing significant cost saving solutions all round when buying property on housing developments (estates) and condominiums.

We are not real estate agents, we act solely in the purchaser's interests.

Excellent communications in many languages is also one of our strengths.

Construction solutions from our own workforce.

Renewable energy.

ModernThaiHomes is the domestic division of SiamConsulting. We provide a variety of services including home and pool construction. Your living space is an important asset. It has to provide your basic needs in life, your comfort, and all that you have worked for. You want the best your budget can buy.

To guarantee the best in purchase deals, we provide essential services for home buyers and private construction projects. We personally check the standing of contractors and can inspect each development to verify their claims to price maintenance and quality. Prospective buyers are strongly advised to contact us in the first instance, but are of course free to contact the vendors direct.

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House or Condo?

The main differences are the locations and prices. Condos are built in areas where land is in a prime location calling for high rise development, usually in a city or a sought after seaside resort. Prices are based on location rather than on construction and are higher per m² than individual houses. You can enjoy a much higher level of privacy in a condo - you might never get to meet your neighbours, not even the people in the flat next door.

Private Sales

For a small fee Modern Thai Homes can of course inspect any other property or condo and verify the title deeds, and even negotiate on your behalf for the purchase and/or lease and take care of the documentation and property transfer.

ModernThaiHomes buyers find their solutions at one address: ours